Understanding floorplans to choose your perfect apartment or home

A floorplan is a plan indicating a proposed layout of a home, which outlines the proposed configuration, approximate room dimensions, window and door placement and often material specifications. 


When assessing the layout of a floorplan, you want to ensure that there is sufficient privacy in each living space. A good floorplan will usually have bedrooms and bathrooms facing away from living areas.

Built-in storage

It's wise to consider whether there has been an allocation of space made for storage in each room, otherwise, you'll quickly use up your floor space once you add storage units such as wardrobes and drawers. Built-in wardrobes, generous pantries, broom cupboards, linen cupboards, and vanity storage may seem like a 'nice to have', but it really makes a difference when it has been integrated into the design of your new home.


When you are choosing a property from plans, you'll want to make a note of each home's aspect. Typically North facing is the most desirable because you'll generally get all day sun, meaning your home will be brighter throughout the day. South facing homes can be darker with less sunlight, however they can be designed with a North facing garden or terrace, which provides a great balance. East facing with an outlook means you can watch the sunrise. West facing offers fantastic sunsets, but sunlight can be harsh at golden hour, so exterior shutters on the western side of the property can be a great way to mitigate this.


Off-the-plan homes will often be sold with a set of standard inclusions but also offer optional upgrades. These upgrades could include a bathtub, a butler’s pantry, upgraded appliances and more. Talk with the sales agent to find out what additional extras you could include and how the architect would include them in the floorplan. 

Furniture for your rooms

Got a lot of furniture you'd like to bring to your new home? It's best to make sure it'll fit . Usually, the sales agent will be able to tell you what size bed will fit in each bedroom. If you find your furniture doesn't fit the space, you may decide it's time for an upgrade anyway with some nice new modern furniture.


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